05 mai 2007

program- english version

Could be subject to modifications...
Except when non mixity is specified, 'non mixed', in the program, signifies 'for human beings who identify as women, trans, or lesbian with the aim of sharing similar experiences and to reappropriate knowledge.

Saturday May 12th

2pm: Sound workshop (non mixed) open to beginners at the 102
2pm: Workshop on the exchange of questions and solutions found about painful rules (non mixed)

8pm: opening concert. (Mixed) at the 102 with Sista Valka (rap, swiss), Braseiro (punk-hardcore trieve-genever), Evacasal (electropunk berlin) and more...

Sunday the 13th

the morning: parade and passing out the program at the Estacade Market.

2pm: Bike mechanic workshop (non mixed), and making bags to put on your bikes at Le Petit Vélo Dans la Tête 5 Rue de Londres between the Estacade Market and St Bruno. If your bike is broken or if you want to repare one to use for the week, come along! (Tools and stuff welcome ie bike tubes)

2pm: Car mechanic workshop (non mixed) at La Dame de Pique

2pm: Writing workshop (mixed) on degendering at the Antigone.

Writing workshops... are open to everyone, there are no pros, we are all capable of writing. Reappropriate the weapon of writing!

1- Girl et boy, the 2 together, the rules don't matter, we are allowed!*
Detour by poetic writing to make fall tth barriers, degendering for deranging.
15 People Maximum (mixed).

* extract from the Story of Julie who had a boy's shadow by A. Bozellec and C. Bruel, Edition du Sourire qui Mord.

Sunday May 13th at the Antigone

8pm: Projection of Gallant Girls at the 102. (Mixed)

Documentary by Barbara Teusel, on a group of women horse riders in west Berlin who fight the partriarchy, racism, and injustice.

Monday the 14th

10.30am: Aikido beginners class (non mixed, place to confirm)

2pm: Writing workshop on the mechanisms of sexism (non mixed men at the Local Autogéré and non mixed women, trans and lesbians at the 102)

20 people for the non mixed workshop (a place where there is tables, this could be at the 102 in the room upstairs, to check if there is nothing already going on at the same time)
10 people for 'masculin' workshop at the Local Autogéré.

Sexist opression (where it is linked to sex and gender): visible and hidden, where is it lurking?
A workshop to put words to the sexist mechanisms which each person reproduces in their own lives and nourishes.

The 2 non mixed workshops will happen at the same time, the objective being to put in common and confront realisations and analysations to go further. Places limited to 20 people in the non mixed workshop, 10 in the mixed.

2pm: contact dance workshop (non mixed) at Cap Berriat
2pm: discussion workshop on sexualities and risk reduction (non mixity trans)

6pm: film 'Regard', she has her eyes wide open, documentary on the MLAC (movement for the liberation on abortion and contraception) in Aix en Provence in 1976. Followed by a discussion between generations of fights on the evolution of our rights (mixed)
8-9pm: radio show with Solenn

Tuesday 15th

2pm: zine workshop and silkscreening/plaster prints (non mixed) 1st part at the Insolent Image.
2pm: sexuality discussion, prevention and contraception (non mixed)
2pm: discussion workshop about the project 'womens' caravan' during summer 2007 (non mixed)

evening: concert (mixed) lalabolduc (songs and show) with Melancolie Anonyme (emo-ukelaly)

wednesday 16th

10am: make your own dildo workshop 1st part PAF and/or 5 euros.
Limited to 10 places.

2pm: zine silkscreening plaster printing workshop 2nd part (non mixed) at the Insolent Image.

2pm: french sign language workshop (mixed) at the Local Autogéré.

2pm: gynecology self examination workshop.
In small groups, each one at their own pace, we can look at our genitals, learn how to better know it. For everyon who has always dreamed of seeing their own uterus! This will also be the occasion to speak about our relationships with gynecologists. (non mixed) limited to 15 participants.

2pm: dildo workshop 2nd part (non mixed)

8pm: concert at the ADAEP (mixed- 5 euros)
grace & volupté vanvan ( dyke peepeeelectropoopoopunk), toulouse
gorgone (punk bi dyke improvisation), toulouse
arolde (disjointed songs)
sky (electro)
8.30: counts at Dyade  (mixed)

thursday 17th

11am: brunch-meeting between women lesbians and trans working in the construction industry (or would like to). Exchanges of experiences, specific questions asked, solutions found... at Antigone.

2.30pm: introduction to the discussion sound poetry/work in construction/ presentation of work/ 20 minutes by anne-laure and corinne.

3pm: discussion 'women in working in jobs traditionally seen as for men'
how to work in a manner that we like.
What are our strategies, individuel and collective?
What clichés exist and how can we upturn them?
With the participation of carpenters, union rights activists, and a doctor. (mixed at the Antigone)

3pm: dance workshop (mixed)

5pm: happy hour concert with Farsifarla aux Bas-côtés (mixed)

6pm: meal concert at the 102 with Les Enculettes (mixed)

8pm: Film projection (mixed) short films, angry, funny, and instructive- on themes such as feminism, lesbians, trans, anticolonialism.

(the majority of short films are in french or english)

ExxxPressions: Quebec, 15minutes, by Mirha Soleil Ross: 250 sex workers came from all over the world to get together in montreal in may 2005 during the Forum XXX. Here are their beliefs and work in rights activism.

Hier Soir: France, 10minutes, by Mauvais Genre, : denouncing rape and its stereotypes.

Mane my Revolution: 2minutes 16 seconds, by HHM: video clip.

Tronçonne-moi baby!: france, 1m7s, by PlouqueProd: how many dirty feministes does it take to cut up a tree?

Goder: France, 1m7seconds, by PlouqueProd: a fast introduction. The skirt that bites.

Dans nos histoires (in our stories): france, 4m35s, by casey: videoclip on neocolonialism.

2 actions of the mujeres creando collective: bolivia, 9minutes18seconds and 7m: group of women doing street intervention with humour and provocation, in the aim of denouncing sexism, racism, lesbophobia, capitalism etc.

Makibaka: canada, 20m37s, by dahlia Namian and Julie Côté: critical portrait of the situation of philippino women who, after they have arrived in canada, are often employed as domestic help.

The most beautiful phrases of hetero men, 5m30s, by GHI

Genderpoo: france, 1m30s by lolagouine: toilet signs for all those who are sick of binary signs.

Gare aux Trans' (war against the trans), 3m50s, by Sans contrefaçon.

Clito 101: quebec, 6m30s, by the pink panthers, the clitoris is an organ not so well known by humans.. a little lesson.
Story and anatomy taken from the film 'the clitoris, the unknown flesh'

Yeasties girlz : Etat Unis, 1m 40s  : video clip on wearing a condom.

friday 18th.

2pm transgenerational discussion with the women older than 50 years collective.
Why does every generation bring its lot of contestants who disappear from the contest in big numbers throughout the course of life? Is this energy hemmorrage evitable? Explainable? (non mixed-12 places)

2pm active discussion workshop on lesbian sexuality, about our representations, our practices, safer sex, sex toys, our identities and our questions. Is sex taboo? We speak about it! Non mixed dyke (trans or bio)

2pm: hip hop workshop (mixed)
beginners class on the writing of rap, how we stay on the beat, articulation, between language and rythm.
At the 102, limited to 15 people.

6pm meal concert with Milkymee at the 102 (mixed)

7pm Partener dancing workshop for people who have already had experience at the ADAEP (mixed)

8pm Partener dancing for beginners at the ADAEP (mixed)

9pm degendered folk dancing against homophobie with 'les drôles de grolles' at the ADAEP (mixed) with an intervention of contact dance by those from the contact dance workshop.

Saturday 19th

10.30-12.30am: talking about abortion, shared picnic (non mixed) at waldeck Rousseau (space close to the 102 next to the MJC Parmentier)

The Discussion will start from sweeping differing moments, taking place where the word 'women' comes from, what it means with regards to individual starting of the movement, collective and poses precisely the question of what this word is hiding. From the Gouges Olympic to contemporary radical feminism, going by the MLF, categories will be discussed which will open the possibilities of action.

8pm: Closing Party (non mixed) at La Poulie.

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  • Salut
    Je trouve dommage qu'en défendant les femmes contre le patriarcat que vous tombiez dans le matriarcat.
    Pour moi, le sexisme ne se combat pas par le sexisme.
    Que penseriez vous de l'orga d'une journée anti sexiste qui interdirait un atelier mécanique aux femmes?
    Chaque individue a les mêmes droit quelque soit son sexe. Chaque individue a droit à sa sexualité dans le respect de l'autre. Ne tombez pas dans le matriarcat ou l'hétérophobie car vous vous placerez au même niveau que les gros beaufs" fachos, sexistes... que vous combattez.
    Luc porteur de bite (car né comme ça) et militant pour l'égalité des sexes (et non pour la domination de l'homme par la femme)

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